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Who likes my funny avatar? lol

2008-12-24 23:35:47 by GeneralMoon


I cant find a good music making software, lil help here plz?

2008-12-18 21:08:05 by GeneralMoon

I am STILL searching for a music-composing software, yet most of them are for money, trying to find one cheap- i tried search engines(NOTE: All of them failed), i heard that MIDI Maker was a reliable, great source to make music from, but sadly it wouldnt let me download due to a number of sites giving my security problems, tried turning them off, didnt do *BLEEEEEP*(I really dont cuss........... Sorry!XD)

So far im not having any sort of success... Can SOMEBODY please help me find a reliable, great source for composing? Im still working on a new project, i need somebody to assist me! this is my first big-gig... NOTE:I totally forgot, this isnt the forum posting... zzz thats bull(you know the rest.....)