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I cant find a good music making software, lil help here plz?

2008-12-18 21:08:05 by GeneralMoon

I am STILL searching for a music-composing software, yet most of them are for money, trying to find one cheap- i tried search engines(NOTE: All of them failed), i heard that MIDI Maker was a reliable, great source to make music from, but sadly it wouldnt let me download due to a number of sites giving my security problems, tried turning them off, didnt do *BLEEEEEP*(I really dont cuss........... Sorry!XD)

So far im not having any sort of success... Can SOMEBODY please help me find a reliable, great source for composing? Im still working on a new project, i need somebody to assist me! this is my first big-gig... NOTE:I totally forgot, this isnt the forum posting... zzz thats bull(you know the rest.....)


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2008-12-28 15:20:20

well... i don't know how to help but... i can help you with your cussing. instead of saying f*** you can say fudge. i know this might be a little chidish but... i don't know it's just funny. you can also say what the hey or freak you. another thing is what the pickle. hope this helps in any way at all. please don't send me a p.m telling me how useless this was ok?

GeneralMoon responds:

meh, never really found a reason as to why i should say something like fudge, meh it is childish, but that wasnt useless. Nice try =) anyhow, i have a audio composing program, this blog no longer needs input. Thankyou.


2008-12-31 17:31:47

me 2.