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Entry #2

Who likes my funny avatar? lol

2008-12-24 23:35:47 by GeneralMoon



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2008-12-24 23:52:07

thats... well... thats just... god.... i cant even type right cause im laughin tooo hard... adfjkjjdjkjk;lgjk;asasdasdassda

(Updated ) GeneralMoon responds:

If your referring to my avatar, thank you very much


2008-12-28 15:15:07

that avatar is so freaken funny!! its like it just got shocked by lightning!!!!!!!

GeneralMoon responds:

Thank you, i appriciate any compliments on this rediculous avatar, i was just looking for some laughs on cats one day... And i walked upon this on google XD

Of course i think this was from somewhere else, but CREDIT TO THEM haha

ENJ look at it as much as u want for laughs!


2009-01-05 19:04:25

Dood, lol!!!

GeneralMoon responds:

^^ only two people that have seen this havent laughed XD